Collins, Harlan

Harlan Collins, 2004 Inductee (1902 -1999)

A true Fountain Hills pioneer, Mr. Collins and wife Ruth were among the first residents to move here in 1972. From that time until his death at the age of 97 in June 1999, he was influential and active in the community. He practiced law during his 40-year working career and used that knowledge for the benefit of numerous local organizations during his retirement. He wrote the by-laws for many of them. As founder and a director of the Community Association (which eventually merged with the Civic Association), his most significant contribution was negotiating for and securing land from the developer for a future civic center site. He was also active as an elder with the Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church, and was a long-time member of the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce, Fountain Hills Historical Society and Fountain Hills Republican Club. He also was a charter member of The Club. In 1980, he was honored as Fountain Hills Citizen of the Year.