Doka, Larry

Larry Doka, 2005 Inductee

Eight years on the Tribal Council and a life-time dedication to the importance of education and conservation led to Mr. Doka’s induction into the Hall of Fame. Beginning his education as a small boy in a one-room school, he persevered to continue his education and became a graduate of the University of Arizona with a degree in Animal Science and training in soil conservation and range management. He worked 35 years for the Bureau of Indian Affairs assisting many Arizona tribes with irrigation and conservation projects. In the process of his work, he not only helped his people and the land but became a champion of conservation. From 1994 to 2004 (with two years off) Mr. Doka served on the Tribal Council as member and treasurer. He has spent a lifetime giving back to others as a member of the Tribal Council, encouraging education for the young and doing his best to conserve this land he loves so much. Today, Mr. Doka mourns the loss of the tribe’s weavers, dancers, songs, individual farms and the Yavapai language.