Enos, Joan

Joan Enos, 2006 Inductee (1928-1999)

Known affectionately to many children at Fort McDowell as Aunt Jo, Mrs. Enos contributed much in her 71 years to the betterment of her community. She served on the tribal council for many years. Her people regarded her as wise and she could stand strong for her ideas of what she felt was right for her community. She started her career as a liaison for the Arizona Community Program. She taught women how to use commodities in their family home cooking. She was in charge of the “Save the Children Program.” This program helped children in need of support. She kept records of the children involved and of the people who supported each child. She started and organized the tribal fairs. A North American Indian Women’s Association member she also worked for Fort McDowell Social Services. Originally hired as a secretary for the department, she soon found her people skills could be helpful to the children she loved. She loved teaching children songs and organized the children’s chorus at the Fort McDowell Presbyterian Church.