Fasthorse-Starr, Molly

Molly Starr- Fasthorse, 2004 Inductee (1909-2000)


As petite as she was in stature, Molly became as tall as possible when she told you she was a Tolkopaya Yavapai. Educated at Phoenix Indian school, she was trained to be a domestic, then set out for California. In Los Angeles, she worked for several prominent families and acquired a love for classical music. She worked for an aircraft company during World War II. Upon retiring from the Salvation Army, she moved back to Fort McDowell. Niece Sianne Dorchbesster remembers that she often visited her “Starr” sisters, Dora Ahawheta, Rosie Patrick and Mae Smith. She participated in a linguistic study at UCLA and was very interested in education and preserving the Yavapai language for future members  of the tribe. Luther Sweet, her pastor, remembers that she originated a trust to help Native American youths further their education. Niece Sabina Chester notes that her tombstone reads, “She Walked With Beauty.”