Ferrara, Frank

Frank Ferrara, 2008 Inductee

In his many years of residence in the Lower Verde River Valley, Mr. Ferrara has helped shape its destiny through his professional, civic, and charitable activities. He has had a major influence on positive business development in Fountain Hills and the services, employment and tax generation that these entities contribute to Fountain Hills and the surrounding areas. Frank’s business advocacy began when he opened a mortgage company in Fountain Hills in 1993 and he soon joined the local Chamber of Commerce. His volunteer work quickly evolved into his becoming a member of the Chamber’s Board of Directors in 1996, Chairman of the Board in 1997, and President and CEO in 1998. He continues to hold these two positions to this day as a testament to his effectiveness in promoting business and commerce in Fountain Hills. As the Chamber’s CEO, Mr. Ferrara has actively lobbied on behalf of the business community members. He has also served on a variety of town committees that have helped shape the town’s future including the Mayor’s Council on Economic Development, Citizens Advisory Committee, Community Plaza Committee, McDowell Mountain Advisory Committee and State Trust Land Study Committee. He also volunteers on a variety of service club and charitable organizations.