Legacy Award: Juan Gonzalez of Senor Taco

Juan Gonzalez of Senor Taco, 2019 Legacy Award Winner

As co-owner and manager of two Senor Taco restaurants in town, Juan is being recognized for leaving a long-lasting legacy in the Town of Fountain Hills. The Chamber of Commerce honored him as the 2013 Business Person of the Year. In 2018, he was given the Mayor’s Award in honor of his generosity and propensity to help with fundraising efforts for non-profits. While his generosity is mostly focused on young people, he helps diverse groups. They include youth sports leagues, Boys & Girls Club, Bob’s Free Bikes, Women’s Club, Parkinson’s group, high school sports teams, American Legion, church youth groups and more.

I fell in love with this community and I don’t mind giving back, he said. I’ve had some very remarkable experiences in my life, but it is always an honor to be recognized for my hard work.