Legacy Award: Phil Rodakis

Phil Rodakis, 2015 Legacy Winner

Phil Rodakis, owner of Phil’s Filling Station restaurant is the 2015 Legacy Award Winner. Phil moved to the community in 1994. He had managed a Red Robin restaurant at Los Arcos Mall in Scottsdale and opened another on Shea Boulevard, east of the 101. But his dream was to have a restaurant of his own. That dream became a reality in 1997 when he bought Jimmy’s Filling Station. He later changed the name to Phil’s Filling Station. He is grateful for his business which is in its 18th year. Since opening Phil’s Filling Station, Rodakis said, “I’ve always given back to the community in the only way I know how, and that’s through food. There has been a long list of contributions, such as caterings at cost, caterings for free and donations to endless organizations.” He has provided all of the food the past several years for the River of Time Museum’s Annual Italian Dinner summer fund-raiser. “Some might say I have a hard time saying no when it comes to my business and community,” he said. “I feel this shows how passionate I am in regards to helping Fountain Hills and its people.”