Linzer, Jean

Jean Linzer, 2012 Inductee

An extraordinary volunteer and leader, Jean Linzer, a native of England, has dedicated herself to the betterment of Fountain Hills since moving here from California in 1992. She now serves as president of the Fountain Hills Chamber Ambassadors. Other organizations she has served on, or is currently serving on, as an officer and/or director are the Fountain Hills Civic Association, Deacon with the Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church, Fountain Hills Sister Cities, Four Peaks Women’s Club, Dinner Chair for the Fountain Hills Historical Society, Membership Chair for the Fountain Hills Cultural and Civic Association, Fountain Hills Piano Competition Committee, Public Art Committee and the Kiwanis Club of Fountain Hills. There are more: the In-Home Concert Committee, Fountain Hills Automobile Club, Sunridge Foundation, River of Time Museum Foundation and the Neighborhood Property Owners Association. She also is a co-author and editor of “Rising Above the Rest–the History of Fountain Hills.” In addition, she is a member of the Fountain Hills Library Association, Sonoran Nature Conservancy, Fountain Hills Republican Club, Golden Eagle Foundation and the Friends of the Fountain Hills Theater.