Mason, Robert

Robert Mason, 2004 Inductee

Robert and Dottie Mason moved to Rio Verde in 1983. Bob became active in an archaeology club, taking extension classes from ASU, then excavating at five sites. He has led 118 hikes for residents of the Verdes and others, also speaking to civic and historical groups about the Verde River Valley. He served on the original Rio Verde Country Club Board of Directors and was President of the Rio Verde Community Association for two years. Bob is recognized as the Lower Verde Valley’s most noted historian and has written four books about this area’s history. Our Desert Oasis traced the history of the Verdes. For over 11 years he wrote a “Verde Valley Lore”column in the Fountain Hills Times featuring historical persons and events. Collections of these are published in two books, Verde Valley Lore and MORE Verde Valley Lore. Another book, The Burning, is based on the life of a pioneering Ft. McDowell family in the 1870’s.