McCulloch, Robert

Robert McCulloch, Sr., 2004 Inductee

An engineering innovator, visionary, industrialist and entrepreneur, Mr. McCulloch built his successful manufacturing operations in Los Angeles on small engine products such as outboard motors, portable gas-powered chain saws and military target drones. Searching for a fresh water place to test his outboard motors, he found Lake Havasu on the Colorado River in western Arizona. Teaming up with C. V. Wood, Jr., they acquired the land and created a masterplan for a new city. They initiated a bold “fly before you buy” marketing program to sell lots. Lake Havasu City was further energized when they purchased the London Bridge and had it rebuilt there as a tourist attraction. In 1968, following the success of their first “new city,” they acquired 12,060 acres from the Page Land & Cattle Co. northeast of Phoenix. They came across the idea of a giant fountain in the desert as a marketing impetus for their second planned city, Fountain Hills.