Mooty, Jane

Jane Mooty, 2004 Inductee

Jane and her husband, Ken Glaseer, enjoyed success in the automotive sales, leasing and car rental business in Minneapolis. While vacationing in Arizona during the 1950s they found the Box Bar Ranch on the Verde River. They loved the area and visited it frequently with their two children. Later they heard that the ranch and part of what is now Rio Verde and Tonto Verde was for sale. They joined other Minnesota investors in the purchase of the property. After Ken’s death, Jane married John Mooty, her widowed brother-in-law, one of the original investors. The Mootys have been the driving force in the development of Rio Verde and Tonto Verde. Jane organized many vacation trips for Minnesotans to Rio Verde. Resulting sales provided the springboard for the successful growth of the Verde communities. She also provided a significant matching funds challenge that launched construction of the Rio Verde Community Church.