Pratt, Lorne

Lorne Pratt, 2005 Inductee

As Senior Vice President of McCulloch Properties, Mr. Pratt originated the “fly to see before you buy” marketing program which attracted many mid-westerners to purchase property in Fountain Hills. It was Mr. Pratt who identified the property for the future Fountain Hills and he negotiated its purchase from the Page Land & Cattle Co. for McCulloch. Before entering the land development business, he worked as general manager of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and was very involved with the establishment of that city’s famous “Walk of Fame.” His own company, Pratt Properties, Inc. was the main Fountain Hills developer in the late 1970s following McCulloch’s death. When his company was the prime developer in Fountain Hills, he gave the Community Center to the Civic Association and he transferred a 15-acre site to the Civic Association for a future civic center site. That land was later turned over to the Town of Fountain Hills and was the basis for a later land swap for the current Town Center complex.