Riggert, Roger

Roger Riggert, 2016 Inductee

Mr. Riggert worked for 17 years for Southwestern Bell and 16 years for AT&T.With Southwestern Bell he held several positions dealing with engineering cost studies, and transmission and equipment engineering. With AT&T, he was responsible for the introduction of new digital transmission technology in the Bell System.

He and his wife, Sherry, moved to Fountain Hills in 1995, where he had his own consulting company, during which he served as an expert regulatory cost witness before 18 different state regulatory commissions.


Since being in Fountain Hills he has served as president of the Civic Association, the Community Chorus and the Four Peaks Rotary Club. He is a member of the town’s Strategic Planning Commission and board member of the Bogey Boys Golf League.

Mr. Riggert is currently Head Elder at Trinity Lutheran Church, is a member and board member of the Fountain Hills Cultural and Civic Association member of the Four Peaks Rotary Club, is a mentor at the local schools and he is a member of the Fountain Hills Mentoring Council. He serves as vice president of the town’s Municipal Property Corporation and he is also a member of the Community Chorus, member of the Fountain Hills & Lower Verde Valley Historical Society and is a member of the American Legion.