Shafe, Beth

Beth Schafe, 2006 Inductee (1917-2006)

After graduating with bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Wayne State University in Michigan, Mrs. Shafe taught music and theater for 32 years. She also performed on cello and harp and gave many hours as a volunteer promoter of the musical arts. She was an incorporator and president of Mu Phi Epsilon, a musical arts fraternity that promotes music, friendship and harmony. The fraternity’s foundation is a million dollar operation that awards music scholarships and fellowships. She was presented the fraternity’s first lifetime achievement award and was the recipient of the Hixson Award for service to children. After she and her husband, Fred, moved to Fountain Hills in 1994, she became an active volunteer. She served 11 years on the In-Home Concerts Committee and served as president of the Fountain Hills Arts Council. She has also served as president of the Fountain Hills P.E.O chapter (a women’s philanthropic organization) and served terms on the boards of the Noon Kiwanis Club and the Fountain Hills Historical Society.