Shenah, Emma

Emma Shenah, 2004 Inductee

Her mother died when she was born in 1917. Yet this only child grew up to have 10 children with her husband, Caman Shenah. In 2004 with 17 grandchildren, 38 great grandchildren and four great great grandchildren, she reflects upon a rich life where education, volunteerism and service to the community of Fort McDowell have been her guideposts. As a very young child, she traveled by train to Needles, Calif., to attend boarding school through the sixth grade. Later in life, she and her church sewing circle conceived the idea of supplying meals to the elderly. This was the origin of the Fort McDowell Elder Center. She also served on the tribe’s education board and was an enthusiastic opponent of the Orme Dam. Her husband worked on the construction of the  Bartlett Dam on the Verde River. In her 60s, Emma had a taste of Hollywood when she was selected for a role in the movie, “The Prophesy,” which was filmed in Globe.