Tom Aiello – 2023 Inductee

Tom has lived in in Fountain Hills since 2011 and quickly became a member of a tennis group, and he currently still plays three times a week.

He then joined the McDowell Mountain Pre-serve Commission, helping advise in the creation of Adero Canyon. He also helps build trails in the local preserve and is a long-time active member of Sunset Kiwanis.

In 2015 he became a member and lead of the Fountain Hills Crisis Response Team, which seems like a good fit since he was a New York City police officer and detective in the Bronx for 22 years.

Out of all his endeavors, the Crisis Team is “number one.”

Tom’s tireless service extends to folks who find disaster knocking on their door during a family crisis that may involve a tragic traffic accident, family dispute, cardiac arrest, suicide, overdoses, fires or other issues.

He also sees youths who are struggling with anxiety, PTSD, trauma, etc.

Back in 2017 he became aware of Reigning Grace Ranch in the Rio Verde Foothills and created a program that helps troubled teens from these situations to connect with the tender loving care of an equine partner at Reigning Grace Ranch so they can take advantage of the wonderful equine therapy programs the ranch offers.

The Crisis Response Team is on-call 24-hours, and as their coordinator, Tom’s job is pretty much also a 24-hour job.

Tom has spent time recruiting sponsors to help pay for the equine therapy for youths and works closely with Fountain Hills School District counselors, having sent more than 30 troubled local teens to the ranch for therapy.