Yuma, Frank

Frank Yuma, 2006 Inductee (d. 1914)

When the Yavapai came back to Fort McDowell in 1900, they found it was only a portion of the once large land area that was left for them. They found Mexicans and Anglos were living and farming on their land. The Yavapai people gathered and voted for a chief. Mr. Frank, a Tolkopaya Yavapai married a Kwoyokopaya Yavapai woman who could read and write English. She wrote numerous letters to Washington, D.C. for Mr. Frank asking the government to give the Yavapai full rights to the land. Mr. Frank was told by officials they would not talk to just one person. Upon returning to Fort McDowell, he recommended three other men, Tom Surama and George and Charlie Dickens to return with him to Washington. He warned his people that the trip would be expensive. Cutting and selling wood and selling baskets, the Yavapai raised the money to send the men to Washington. Frank and his delegation went to Washington and returned with the official documents. Mr. Frank told his people, “This is our land.”